A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to Confidence!

This is a narrative platformer experience about confidence and how it can affect us. I hope you enjoy, drop a comment down below to help me improve!


(if you encounter any errors, especially on the Windows version as I have not had the ability to properly test there, please let me know)


  • Arrow keys to move
  • Press S to suicide at any time

More information

Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS

Install instructions

Double click the game icon to begin playing once you have downloaded.

Please note, if you are using OSX and aren't able to open the file, make sure to follow these steps http://www.statsilk.com/support/faq/resolving-mac-...


confidence.app.zip (31 MB)
confidence.exe (24 MB)


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This was very cool to play! :)
I enjoyed figuring out how the mechanics worked little by little. Great mood also!
Sadly, I couldn't figure out how to beat level 3. Just can't make it over that last huge wall...
Can you give me a hint maybe? I'd love to see the rest of the game!

Anyway, good job! Keep it up! :)

Thank you very much! I really appreciate that. End of level 3? Just kill all the enemies, and it should open up :)

Very nice, but I have a couple of things to say. The controls are a bit loose, and the physics aren't as nice as they could be. Otherwise, this game is great. Nicely done!

You finally got around to playing it, did you? Thank you :)

Mind explaining a bit more how you felt the controls were loose? Did the game feel unresponsive, or were the buttons themselves awkward to control? I'll try to put more focus on that, and physics in the future.

Thanks again!

Very interesting idea. Here are my thoughts, bugs, etc.

- No way to quit the game?

- Letting yourself (the cube) fall off the ledge and pushing back towards the ledge makes the cube stick to the wall. Only work on the very top portion of the 1st vertical wall.

Love how gameplay / physics change with your number of lives however, it seems to make the game literally impossible with a low number of lives, which might be the message but it doesn't have a powerful impact as you can simply suicide and restart with 10 easily.

- Just a generic GameMaker icon? come on, make an icon for your game!

Played it on Windows 7

Thank you so much for playing, and taking the time to give feedback on everything!

First of all, quitting the game seems to be a windows only issue that I didn't have the ability to test there, and I haven't found a solution as of yet, so sorry about that. However, I've never heard of the second bug, so thanks for making me aware of that. I did try to fix the impossibleness with the suicide option, but it didn't turn out as smoothly as I'd hoped due to it being a last minute feature. And I'll do better with the icon next time ;D